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Margins FAQs


Margins FAQs


What are the margin requirements for trading?

Margin requirements are set by the respective exchanges, and fluctuate daily. If you are using the Firetip trading platform, you can find the exchange initial and maintenance margin requirements under the symbol information section. If you are using a 3rd party trading platform, you may also be able to view the margin requirements within the platform. You can also use our Margin Calculator in your online account portal.


Does Ironbeam offer reduced day trading margins?

Yes, we offer reduced day trading margins on most futures contracts. Ask your representative what day trading margins are available during your account opening process. We do not offer reduced margins on any options trading.


I received an email from Ironbeam informing me that I am on margin call. What do I do?

If your account is on margin call, it means that the margin requirement on your current positions is greater than your account balance. To get off of margin call, you will either need to liquidate enough of your positions to reduce your account’s margin requirement, or add funds to your account to cover your margin deficit.


Are there any fees associated with carrying a margin call?

Yes, Ironbeam will charge a margin call fee if your margin deficit is not met by the time of market close.


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