Futures trading, bite-sized.

Get started trading futures with micro contracts. They’re among the most liquid, actively traded futures contracts available. At just a fraction of the size of the regular contracts, micros give futures traders a simple, cost-efficient way to access the markets.

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The Ironbeam trading platform is one of the only fully-featured mobile futures trading apps. Seamlessly trade between web, desktop, and mobile. Enjoy powerful charting, unfiltered market data, and 24-hour support.

  • Web, Desktop, Mobile App
  • Low Daytrade Margins
  • Risk-Free Simulated Trading
  • Free Market Data
  • 300+ Indicators Included
  • Unlimited Support & Walkthroughs

Why trade micro futures at Ironbeam?

Ironbeam has the tools and data you need to trade futures and options effectively, including an easy-to-use trading platform, dedicated futures specialists, educational resources, and 24 hour support.

  • Lower margin requirements
  • Futures trading mobile app
  • 24 hour trading

Take advantage of our wide offering of micro contracts

  • Micro Euro, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Indian Rupee
  • Micro E-Mini S&P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Russell 2000
  • Micro Gold & Silver
  • Micro Crude Oil
  • Micro Bitcoin

Current Promotions

We are pleased to offer the following new futures account promotions!

  • Free Ironbeam Trading Platform
  • Low day trading margins on the most popular futures contracts
  • No minimum deposit to open a new trading account

Micro Futures Symbols & Tick Value Guide

Please see below for the micro futures symbols. To add a symbol in the Ironbeam trading platform, simply type in the symbol in the ‘add symbol’ field and it will display all of the available expirations for each symbol.

ContractSymbolTick IncrementTick Value
Micro E-Mini S&P 500MES0.25$1.25
Micro E-Mini NasdaqMNQ0.25$0.50
Micro E-Mini Dow JonesMYM1.00$0.50
Micro E-Mini Rusell 2000M2K0.1$0.50
Micro Bitcoin FuturesMBT5$0.50
Micro WTI Crude OilMCL0.01$1.00
Micro Gold FuturesMGC0.1$1.00
Micro Silver FuturesSIL0.005$5.00
Micro EUR/USD FuturesM6E0.0001$1.25
Micro CAD/USD FuturesMCD0.0001$1.00
Micro JPY/USDMJY0.000001$1.25
Micro CHF/USDMSF0.0001$1.25
Micro GBP/USDM6B0.0001$0.62

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*Day trading margins not available during the commission-free period*

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