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Trading API Solutions

Build custom trading applications and experience full automation with the Ironbeam xAPI.

Ironbeam xAPI

Whether you’re looking for fully-automated algorithmic trading or to build your own front-end trading platform, the Ironbeam xAPI delivers on all fronts. The Ironbeam xAPI utilizes MQTT over WebSockets with JSON messages. MQTT is a machine-to-machine publish/subscribe messaging transport. An MQTT client is available for all programming languages.

xAPI Benefits

  • Easy Integration

  • ISV Certified: Connect directly to the exchange datacenter

  • Highly secure and scalable infrastructure with ultra-low latency

  • Completely unfiltered market data with no coalescing for the fastest data dissemination

  • Most users can get configured and start testing the sending and receiving data in only 15 minutes

  • Compatible with any language or platform. Web Apps, Native mobile/tablet, Java, C++, .NET, C#, anything. Simply send JSON data over MQTT with WebSockets

Built-in Tools & Requests

xAPI features many built in requests to make your project easier. Easily submit orders, pull market depth, manage risk, and much more.

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