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A whole new way to trade futures markets.

Ironbeam’s Event Contracts trader lets investors use CME Group event contracts to trade their opinion on yes-or-no questions in key futures markets.

Take a Stance on Daily Price Movements

Traders can use Ironbeam’s streamlined Event Contract trader to pick a side on key futures markets on a daily basis.


Through event contracts, you can express your opinion on whether the prices of important futures markets will increase or decrease by the close of each trading session. The available options comprise CME-listed event contracts for Equity Index, Energy, Metals, and Foreign currency futures markets. To trade, all you have to do is select YES or NO for an event contract.

Why trade CME Event Contracts at Ironbeam?

Ironbeam has the tools and data you need to trade futures and options effectively, including an easy-to-use trading platform, dedicated futures specialists, educational resources, and 24 hour support.

  • Simply log in and trade. No extra steps required to trade Event Contracts at Ironbeam.

  • Dedicated Event Contract trading widget.

  • 24-Hour Live Support from Futures Specialists.

  • As a CME Group clearing member firm, enjoy a wide offering of popular CME products and contracts including Micro Equity & Energy futures.

Take advantage of our wide offering of Event Contracts

  • Micro E-Mini S&P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Russell 2000

  • Gold, Silver, Copper

  • Crude Oil, Natural Gas


  • Bitcoin


Speak with our experienced futures brokers at 312-765-7200 to discuss how we can service your futures trading needs.

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