Ironbeam Futures Margins

Ironbeam provides some of the most competitive day trading margins in the futures industry. View our comprehensive margin table for more information.

Margins Information

The day margin is set by Ironbeam. This is the amount required per contract to trade on an intraday basis. Day margins are in effect during all market hours except the last 15 minutes preceding the market close. The exchange margin is set by the exchange, and it is the amount required to carry a position past the market close. The margins displayed below are effective for traders using the Ironbeam App. Users of 3rd party trading platforms are subject to different day margins. Margins are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Exchange margins are believed to be accurate but can change without notice. Exchange margins last updated 08/10/2022.

Nano Futures Contracts

ContractSymbolDay MarginExchange Margin
Nano BitcoinBIT$20$78
Nano EtherET$20$42

Micro Futures Contracts

ContractSymbolDay MarginExchange Margin
Micro E-Mini S&P 500MES$50$1155
Micro E-Mini Dow JonesMYM$50$880
Micro E-Mini Russell 2000M2K$50$605
Micro E-Mini Nasdaq 100MNQ$80$1650
Micro BitcoinMBT$250$627
Micro Crude OilMCL$200$946
Micro GoldMGC$50$715
Micro SilverSIL$200$1650
E-Micro Australian DollarM6A$40$220
E-Micro British PoundM6B$50$226
E-Micro EuroM6E$50$292
E-Micro Canadian DollarMCD$50$145
E-Micro Japanese YenMJY$50$275
E-Micro Swiss FrancMSF$50$402
Micro 30-Year Yield30Y$50$264
Micro 10-Year Yield10Y$50$264
Micro 5-Year Yield5YY$50$264
Micro 2-Year Yield2YY$50$209


Mini Equity Contracts

ContractSymbolDay MarginExchange Margin
E-Mini S&P 500ES$500$11550
E-Mini Dow JonesYM$500$8800
E-Mini Russell 2000RTY$500$6050
E-Mini Nasdaq 100NQ$1000$16500

Energy Contracts

ContractSymbolDay MarginExchange Margin
Crude Oil FuturesCL$2000$9460
E-Mini Crude OilQM$1000$4730
Micro Crude OilMCL$200$946
Heating OilHO$1500$14850
Natural GasNG$1000$12100
E-Mini Natural GasQG$300$3025
RBOB GasolineRB$1000$12650

Interest Rate Contracts

ContractSymbolDay MarginExchange Margin
30YR Treasury BondZB$500$4180
30 YR Ultra BondUB$500$7150
10YR Treasury NoteZN$200$1980
10YR Ultra Treasury NoteTN$300$3025
5YR Treasury NoteZF$150$1540
2YR Treasury NoteZT$75$1155
Micro 30-Year Yield30Y$50$200
Micro 10-Year Yield10Y$50$175
Micro 5-Year Yield5YY$50$140
Micro 2-Year Yield2YY$50$120

Agriculture Contracts

ContractSymbolDay MarginExchange Margin
Corn FuturesZC$250$1678
Soybean FuturesZS$500$3355
Soybean Meal FuturesZM$400$2530
Soybean Oil FuturesZL$350$2365
Oat FuturesZO$250$2365
Rough Rice FuturesZR$250$853
Wheat FuturesZW$250$2365
HRW Wheat FuturesKE$300$2695
Mini CornXC$50$336
Mini WheatXW$50$473
Mini SoybeanXK$100$671
Feeder Cattle FuturesGF$350$2723
Live Cattle FuturesLE$200$1540
Lean Hog FuturesHE$250$2090
Lumber FuturesLBS$2000$7260

Metals Contracts

ContractSymbolDay MarginExchange Margin
Gold FuturesGC$500$6600
Mini Gold FuturesQO$250$3300
Micro Gold FuturesMGC$50$660
Copper FuturesHG$500$5500
Silver FuturesSI$1000$10450

Currency Contracts

ContractSymbolDay MarginExchange Margin
Australian Dollar6A$200$1595
British Pound6B$350$2365
Canadian Dollar6C$150$1485
Euro Futures6E$250$2420
Japanese Yen6J$250$2750
Brazillian Real6L$200$1210
Mexican Peso6M$200$1430
New Zealand Dollar6N$250$1540
Russian Ruble6R$300$2310
Swiss Franc6S$400$3850
African Rand6Z$400$1980
E-Mini EuroE7$150$1210
E-Mini YenJ7$150$1375
E-Micro Australian DollarM6A$40$160
E-Micro British PoundM6B$50$215
E-Micro EuroM6E$50$220
E-Micro Canadian DollarMCD$50$148
E-Micro Japanese YenMJY$50$190
E-Micro Swiss FrancMSF$50$330

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