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Fees FAQs

What kinds of service fees are associated with having an account?

We don’t charge any fees for simply having an account with us, however there are fees charged for certain services. See below for some of the commonly asked about fees:

-Wire Transfer In: No Charge

-Wire Transfer Out (Domestic): $40

-Wire Transfer Out (International): $60

-Check Issued (Domestic or International): No Charge

-Check Issued Overnight (Domestic): $40

-Check Issued Overnight (International): $60

-Risk Liquidation: $50 per contract

-Stop Payment/Insufficient Funds/Returned Item Fee: $45

-Account Transfer In: No Charge

-Account Transfer Out: $100

-Phone Orders: $5 per order placed or modified (cancellation is no charge)

What are the fees for market data?

Non-professional traders will be required to pay (on behalf of CME Group) $15 per month for Market Depth Data for CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX. Individual CME Group Exchanges can be enabled for $5 per month, per exchange. Professional traders will be subject to a higher fee of $85/month for each of the four exchanges.

Where can I find the exchange fees for each contract?

Since we offer a large number of tradable contracts, and the exchange fees are subject to change by the respective exchanges, we do not list these fees on our website. However, if you send an email to sales@ironbeam.com we can give you a detailed breakdown of the exchange fees for any market that we offer.

What are your commission rates?

Ironbeam understands that every customer is different. It wouldn’t make sense to make every trader pay the same rate when there is such a broad range of markets and trading styles in the realm of futures trading. Our rates are determined by a number of factors, including volume, risk, and leverage. For a detailed commission proposal, you can reach a licensed representative at 312-765-7200 or email us at sales@ironbeam.com.

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