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Expiration Time Change for CME FX Options

Everything about CME FC options remains the same, except the time they expire. Expiry is changing from 2PM Chicago to 10AM New York Time on June 9 2019. 

In 2017, CME Group surveyed participants across the market and around the world. They wanted to determine if aligning their market more closely with the OTC market convention, and moving to 10AM New York, would make it easier for traders to access the liquidity, capital efficiencies and security of their markets. Of all respondents, 71% stated that it would, and requested that CME make this change to their market structure. 

“Simply put, the markets asked, and we delivered” – CME Group

CME Group is changing the expiration time of all FX options to 10AM New York, to bring their FX options in line with the primary OTC market convention. All contract codes will remain the same, including on the Firetip X trading platform. CME Group systems will continue to refer to the Chicago time convention for consistency. Thus 10AM New York will appear as 9AM CT in CME’s clearing and trading systems.

The Countdown

The expiration time will change to 10AM New York for all contracts expiring after June 9, 2019. However, some contracts will begin trading sooner. The first contract affected will be the September 2019 quarterly, which is listed. Market participants need to be aware of the contract listing schedule.

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