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CME Introduces Shanghai Gold Futures

In Q4 2019, CME Group will launch two financially settled Shanghai Gold Futures, denominated in U.S. dollar or Chinese renminbi. Trading the new product will be available on the all-new Firetip X Trading Platform, offered exclusively by Ironbeam.

Shanghai Gold Futures will be a joint product offering by the world’s most liquid derivatives and physical gold marketplaces, based on the regional gold benchmark price from the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE).

Select the denomination that best meets your needs with flexible US or CNH offerings.

Access to arbitrage with 100 oz. Gold Futures.

Benefit from margin offsets available on COMEX 100 ox. Gold Futures (GC) and other CME Group products.

Uses the Shanghai Gold Benchmark PM price (2:15 China Standard Time) for final settlement.

About Shanghai Gold Futures

As of April 2019, China is one of the largest producers and importers of gold, creating an important role for Shanghai as a physical trading hub for the Asian gold market. The Shanghai Gold Price is the renminbi Gold benchmark, generated by spot auctions held at SGE. As this regional benchmark starts to attract more interest from investors around the world, the new Shanghai benchmark-based futures serve a unique need in the markets, available via CME Group.

Live Demo of Our FIRETIP X Trading Platform

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