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Ironbeam Symbol Guide


The Ironbeam trading platform uses a simple syntax for exchange symbols. Unlike many other platforms, the Ironbeam app uses the same symbols that the actual exchange that they are traded on uses. All you need to do is type the exchange symbol and the expiration separated by a period.

The symbol for the E-Mini S&P 500 is ES. The expiration code for December 2020 is Z20. Therefore, the symbol for the December 2020 E-Mini contract is ES.Z20.

For options you will use the same syntax however, we will add C (for call) or P (for put) and the strike price at the end, also separated by a period. So for the December 2020 3000 strike call, the symbol will be ES.Z20.C3000.

Spread symbols are also designed to be easy to add. Type in the front-month contract, a hyphen, then the back month contract. The symbol for December 2020 vs. December 2021 Crude Oil calendar spread would be CL.Z20-CL.Z21.

Futures Contract Month Codes
CME Equity Contracts
Contract / ProductSymbolExample
S&P 500 FuturesSPSP.Z20
E-Mini S&P 500 FuturesESES.Z20
E-Mini S&P 500 OptionsESES.Z20.C3000
E-Mini Dow Futures & OptionsYMYM.Z20 or YM.Z20.C15000
Nikkei 225NKDNKD.Z20
E-Mini Nasdaq 100 FuturesNQNQ.Z20
E-Mini Nasdaq 100 OptionsNQNQ.Z20.C11000
Micro E-Mini S&P 500MESMES.Z20
Micro E-Mini Dow JonesMYMMES.Z20
Micro E-Mini NasdaqMNQMES.Z20
Micro E-Mini Russell 2000M2KMES.Z20
CME/NYMEX Energy Contracts
Contract / ProductSymbolExample
Crude Oil FuturesCLCL.Z20
Crude Oil OptionsLOLO.Z20.C5000
E-Mini Crude OilQMQM.Z20
Heating OilHOHO.Z20
Natural GasNGNG.Z20
E-Mini Natural GasQGQG.Z20
CME/CBOT Interest Rate Contracts
Contract / ProductSymbolExample
30 Year Treasury Bond FuturesZBZB.Z20
30 Year Treasury Bond OptionsOZBOZB.Z20.C2000
30 Year Ultra Treasury Bond FuturesUBUB.Z20
30 Year Ultra Treasury Bond OptionsOUBOUB.Z20.C2200
10 Year Treasury Note FuturesZNZN.Z20
10 Year Treasury Note OptionsOZNOZN.Z20.C1400
10 Year Ultra Treasury Note FuturesTNTN.Z20
10 Year Ultra Treasury Note OptionsOTNOTN.Z20.C15900
5 Year Treasury Note FuturesZFZF.Z20
5 Year Treasury Note OptionsOZFOZF.Z20.C1250
2 Year Treasury Note FuturesZTZT.Z20
2 Year Treasury Note OptionsOZTOZT.Z20.C1100
Eurodollar FuturesGEGE.Z20
Eurodollar OptionsGEGE.Z20.C09950
30 Day Fed FundsZQZQ.Z20
CME/CBOT Agricultural Contracts
Contract / ProductSymbolExample
Corn Futures & OptionsZC / OZCZC.Z20 / OZC.Z20.C0600
Soybean Futures & OptionsZS / OZSZS.X20 / OZS.X20.C1000
Soybean Meal Futures & OptionsZM / OZMZM.Z20 / OZM.Z20.C0500
Soybean Oil Futures & OptionsZL / OZLZL.Z20 / OZL.Z20.C0500
Oat Futures & OptionsZO / OZOZO.Z20 / OZO.Z20.C0250
Rough Rice Futures & OptionsZR / OZRZR.X20 / OZR.X20.C1440
Wheat Futures & OptionsZW / OZWZW.Z20 / OZW.Z20.C0450
HRW Wheat Futures & OptionsKE / OKEKE.Z20 / OKE.Z20.C0380
Mini-Sized Corn FuturesXCXC.Z20
Mini-Sized Wheat FuturesXWXW.Z20
Mini-Sized Soybean FuturesXKXK.X20
Feeder Cattle Futures & OptionsGFGF.X20 / GF.X20.C0800
Live Cattle Futures & OptionsLELE.Z20 / LE.Z20.C0700
Lean Hog Futures & OptionsHEHE.Z20 / HE.Z20.C0400
Lumber Futures & OptionsLBSLBS.X20 / LBS.X20.C2000
CME/COMEX Metals Contracts
Contract / ProductSymbolExample
Gold FuturesGCGC.Z20
Mini Gold FuturesQOQO.Z20
Micro Gold FuturesMGCMGC.Z20
Copper FuturesHGHG.Z20
Silver FuturesSISI.Z20
ICE Softs Contracts
Contract / ProductSymbolExample
Cocoa Futures & OptionsCCCC.Z20 / CC.Z20.C3000
Cotton No. 2 Futures & OptionsCTCT.Z20 / CT.Z20.C9200
Coffee Futures & OptionsKCKC.Z20 / KC.Z20.C13000
Frozen OJ Futures & OptionsOJOJ.X20 / OJ.X20.XC9000
Sugar No. 11 Futures & OptionsSBSB.V20 / SB.V20.C1350
ICE Index Contracts
Contract / ProductSymbolExample
US Dollar Index Futures & OptionsDXDX.Z20 / DX.Z20.C1000

DISCLAIMER: There is a substantial risk of loss in trading commodity futures and options products. Losses in excess of your initial investment may occur. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Please contact your account representative with concerns or questions.

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