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Ironbeam is an industry-leading futures broker and FCM providing cutting-edge tech, support, and clearing services to traders worldwide. Our flagship futures trading platform features powerful charting and execution tools while maintaining the ease of use that the modern trader demands.

Day margins for popular contracts

We provide some of the most competitive day trading margins in the futures industry. View our margins page for the full list of available contracts.

ContractDay Margin
Micro/ Mini S&P 500$50 / $500
Micro / Mini Dow$50 / $500
Micro / Mini Nasdaq$50 / $500
Micro Crude Oil / CL$50 / $500
Micro Bitcoin$250

Why Trade with Ironbeam?

  • Trade directly with an FCM
  • 24-Hour Support: If the markets are open, so are we
  • Innovative trading platform for desktop, web, and mobile
  • Low day trading margins
  • Access to complimentary third-party market research and objective guidance
  • One-on-one platform walkthroughs
  • Dedicated market data feed for lower latency order execution
  • iPhone, Android, Web & Desktop apps

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