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Getting Started

What can I use for a proof of address?

-Current Driver’s License -Utility bill (e.g., gas, cable electric) -Mortgage or lease We are unable to accept bank statements or...

Does Ironbeam open accounts for people outside the United States?

Yes, we open accounts for people located outside the United States and accept accounts from many countries. To confirm whether...

Does Ironbeam offer IRA accounts?

Ironbeam accepts accounts within your self-directed IRA. We support the following custodians: -Millennium Trust -Midland IRA You can sign up...

Where do I download the Ironbeam app?

The Ironbeam app is available in the App Store on iOS, and the Google Play store on Android. Please visit...

Are tutorials available for the Ironbeam platform?

Yes, you can view our in-depth tutorials here.