CQG Market Data Fees

CQG Connection Fee: $10/month*

CQG Routing Fee: $0.10/contract*

*CQG Connection and Routing fees are charged by the vendor (CQG) to your Ironbeam account.*

Non-Professional Monthly Rates

-Level 1 Data Bundle: $9.00/month

-Level 1 CBOT (top of book): $3.00/month

-Level 1 CME (top of book): $3.00/month

-Level 1 COMEX (top of book): $3.00/month

-Level 1 NYMEX (top of book): $3.00/month

-Level 2 CME/GLOBEX bundle: $39.00

-Level 2 CBOT (full market depth): $15.00/month

-Level 2 CME (full market depth): $15.00/month

-Level 2 COMEX (full market depth): $15.00/month

-Level 2 NYMEX (full market depth): $15.00/month

Professional Monthly Rates

-CME: $119.80

-CBOT: $119.80

-COMEX: $119.80

-NYMEX: $119.80


-ICE US – Level 2: $124.00/month

-ICE Europe – Level 2 : $134.00/month

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