Wharton Capital MGMT – AG Futures2019-04-02T02:04:30-05:00

Wharton Capital MGMT – AG Futures

Trading Strategy: Discretionary / Fundamental / Ags

The Advisor currently is accepting accounts in its Agricultural Futures Program (the “Program”). The Program’s objective is to achieve substantial profits with relatively low levels of performance volatility. There is no assurance the Program will achieve its objectives or that clients will avoid substantial losses. The Program primarily involves the speculative trading of futures contracts on grains and meat products. However, the Program is not limited to those markets. In implementing the Program, the Advisor may speculate or trade in any futures or options contract traded on a U.S. futures exchange, either now or in the future (collectively, “Commodity Interests”). Such instruments may include, without limitation, futures contracts (and options thereon) on any of the following: physical commodities in addition to grain and meat products, interest- rate sensitive products, financial instruments, and stock indices.

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