Soaring Pelican LLC – Diversified S&P2019-04-02T02:01:57-05:00

Soaring Pelican LLC – Diversified S&P

Trading Strategy: Multi-System Stock Index

Intraday trading and focused risk assessment. Targeted 1% maximum daily exposure. Zero overnight margin requirement – in all cases positions are closed by the end of the day. Option writing and hedging are not a part of the program, allowing precise risk management at all times. Systems are proprietary and 100% mechanical, built on the foundation of many years experience trading the S&P market exclusively.

Program Start DateJan-2011
Percent Discretionary0%
Percent Systematic100%
Minimum Investment100,000
Management Fee2.0%
Incentive Fee20.00%
Round Turns per Million5,000
CurrencyUS Dollar
NFA No:#0489228