Trade the New Nano Bitcoin Futures

Trading Nano Bitcoin futures at Ironbeam enables you to get long or short the price of Bitcoin, with the added benefit of increased leverage and an effective way to hedge against price movement.
Introducing the Coinbase Derivates Nano Bitcoin.

Faster Trading | Take Either Side | Hedge Your Exposure

Ironbeam is happy to announce that it is now offering Nano Bitcoin futures contracts, in partnership with Coinbase Derivatives. With the Nano Bitcoin futures contracts, crypto traders can now enjoy the ability to take either side of the market, execute trades faster than on the blockchain, and hedge price risk.

Why trade with Ironbeam?

  • Free Trading Platform
  • $20 Nano Bitcoin day margins**
  • 300+ built-in indicators
  • Direct Order Routing & Clearing
  • U.S. Regulated Broker

Trade Nano Bitcoin Futures Today

Getting started with us is easy. Follow the account sign up link below. You’ll receive your account information quickly and can begin trading as soon as you do.

*NFA, Exchange, and Clearing fees still apply.

**Margins are subject to change at any time and without notice.