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Jaguar Investments Ltd – Aegir Capital Strategy

Trading Strategy: Commodity Relative-Value / Energy / Restricted to QEPs

Program Description: The AEGIR CAPITAL Strategy adopts an algorithmic approach to exploiting price inefficiencies in the exchange-traded energy futures markets. The strategy is a forward-looking, dynamic investment model that evolves as the market evolves. The strategy utilises a proprietary knowledge-base containing multiple trade structures that are executed in specific scenarios. The strategy does not use options.


Investment Information

Program Start Date Jan-2012
Percent Discretionary 10%
Percent Systematic 90%
Minimum Investment 1,000,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Incentive Fee 20.00%
Margin 10-15%
Round Turns per Million 10,000
Currency US Dollar
NFA No: #0343105