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Ironbeam is proud to be an IB-focused and IB-centric FCM. We take great pride in the wide range of exceptional support and tools that we provide to our Introducing Brokers. By leveraging exclusive technology solutions we are able to deliver unique experiences to our IBs and their customers. We assist our IBs so that they are on the forefront of technology, research, execution, clearing and back office support.

We will help you build your brand, improve your product offering mix, and allow you and your customers access to exclusive technology. Whether you’re a startup, industry-veteran, GIB or IIB, reach out to us to explore the benefits and features that will help bring your company to the forefront of futures trading.

Key Support Features

  • Competitive clearing rates.
  • Fast broker onboarding.
  • Marketing & business consultation.
  • Exclusive trading platform.
  • All encompassing white label solutions.
  • Support for most 3rd party trading platforms.
  • Live demos of trading platforms for your customers.
  • 24 hour support.
  • Broad market coverage.
  • No upfront costs/investments.
  • Real-time risk management for all platforms, in one portal.
  • Custom commission, cash, risk reports.
  • Designated IB staff support.
  • View statements & manage customer information.
  • Access 3rd party software.
  • Fill & Order Reports.
Customized and Branded Trading Solutions

Customize and fully brand the trading platform so that it is unique and exclusive to your firm.  By offering unique, customized, and branded solutions you differentiate yourself from the competition, add value to your offering, and improve your margins.

Fast Account Opening

Your customers can open their account using your own customizable and white-labeled electronic account opening documentation.  The process is seamless and is designed to minimize the need for follow-up and additional paperwork.  This results in a smooth on-boarding process for your customers

Free Demo of Trading Platform

Fully automated and white-labeled demo request forms can be used by you or your customers to obtain instant demo credentials to evaluate your trading platform.

Real-Time Risk Management

View your customer’s account information in real-time.

Manage positions, orders, customer permissions, and risk.  Segregate risk and reporting by offices and/or salesperson.  Manage risk and customer trading privileges real-time.

Real-Time Cash, Commissions, Reporting

Customer withdrawals and deposits are processed real-time to the client and IB facing trading platforms.  View your reports and customer information as they update real-time.

3rd Party Trading Platforms

Besides your own exclusive branded trading solution you can also offer virtually any 3rd party trading platform. Review 3rd party trading platforms