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Goldman Management Inc. – Stock Index Futures

Trading Strategy: Quantitative / Stock Indices / 4.7 Exempt / QEPs Only

Program Description: Using quantitative analysis, hundreds of indicators and several dozen models are employed. Many of these indicators have been tested though market cycles dating back to the early 1900’s and include both technical and fundamental analysis. Alignments in the groups of indicators at inflection points determine the direction and the potential magnitude of the outcome to stock prices. Categories in which these indicators fall into are numerous and although not exclusive are as follows: the stock market structure, momentum, overbought and oversold, market sentiment and contrarian tools, valuations, monetary environment and macro factors. Each of these categories has different forecasting values and timeliness. Combining groups of indicators into an overlay can enhance the reliability of a signal. The models and indicators are also used to identify in advance the market climate likely to be encountered, whether trending or range bound, enabling the principle objective of GMI which is to profit from all types of markets while using strict control measures to minimize risk. Analysis and research to improve systems and strategies is an ongoing process. There is also a veto power on the indicators and models, which may be implemented during unique circumstances to potentially reduce risk.

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