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Commodities Analytics LLC – Daily Analytics

Trading Strategy: Discretionary / Intraday / Diversified

Guy Rutenberg and Gal Taragan have strong analytical minds allowing them to analyze the markets quickly and react to changing market conditions. Both principals have strong experience in the financial markets and their connection allows for a trading program that is believed to have a solid trading concept and can offer capital appreciations with a lower degree of risks. The Advisor’s trading approach is a discretionary approach which incorporates both technical analysis for time entry and exit strategy and fundamental analysis for trading ideas. Specifically, the trading signals are not computer generated and are based on the judgment of the Advisor based on the data available to and analyzed by the Advisor. The trading program is primarily a day trading program. What this means is that more than 95% of the positions are opened and closed at the same trading day. On rare occasions, positions are left open at the end of the trading day. There is no closed list of contract types that are traded by the Advisor. The Advisor can and will trade a broad spectrum of markets permitted on United States exchanges and foreign exchanges. The contracts that are traded are typically contracts that usually have a parallel TAS (Trading at Settlement) market and are sufficiently liquid. The percentage of the portfolio devoted to each complex and each commodity varies and is based upon the current market conditions and potential opportunity. The Advisor expects to trade futures, and the trading program does not call for the use of trading options. However, the Advisor may need to use options for some unforeseen reason in the future. Therefore, the Advisor may trade options on futures if the need to do so arises.

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