Promoting the smaller available size you can trade on Ironbeam

I would love to understand trading small sizes on Ironbeam. Currently I do not see anything to explain how smaller accounts can get started on Ironbeam. So far I had learn that the smaller margins are only in effect for Intraday trading. But I would love to understand what is the minimal money you need in your account to actually trade. Look at the chart below. Is the chart saying you need to stay above $80 in your account balance to trade the MNQ? In other words, can you actually make a trade on the MNQ if you have $100 in your account? I would love to understand this so I can share with other people on Social Media.
|Micro E-Mini S&P 500|MES|$50|$1155|
|Micro E-Mini Dow Jones|MYM|$50|$880|
|Micro E-Mini Russell 2000|M2K|$50|$605|
|Micro E-Mini Nasdaq 100|MNQ|$80|$1650|

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Welcome to the forum! There is no account minimum, you just need to be able to meet the margin requirements for the contracts you wish to trade. If you are day trading, you would simply need to keep your account balance above the required day margin.

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To to Mike’s comments, there are discounts starting with (1) having a balance over $1000 and (2) trading over some threshold contracts per month. I forget what it is. Perhaps 300 or so.