Xapiscript and building formulas

Has anyone found a manual or anything that has the syntax for building formulas in the Ironbeam platform? I have scoured the internet (desperately even tried ChatGPT to find/develop something) and can’t find even one example of someone that built a formula that works in Ironbeam? Not even a simple example of what might work?

If anyone can point me to a manual or helpfile it would be appreciated or if you have any knowledge you wish to share on how to get started with formula writing IN THIS TOOL and would like to share how to get started that would be excellent.

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@JohnnyRy @Stockdaddy

We should have some guides and documentation in the near future. We have a lot of cool things in the works and sometimes things like this unfortunately do not get prioritized, but I hop to have something for you soon.

Mike Murphy
[email protected]