Turn off display of number on side of chart

Wanted to know if there is a way to suppress the display of indicator info on the RH side of the trading chart display. The issue is if you use EMAs, etc. the price shows on the RH side of the trading screen interfering with the actual price of the asset. See attachment. In this example I would like to suppres the display of the Keltner Channel info and EMA so I can more easily read the price of the asset. Also, would like to do similar in indicators such as the RSI. I would like to suppress display of, for example, 80 and 20 and the RH side so I can better see the actual RSI indicator value when it gets near those important levels.

Thanks for the help!

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Hey Matt,

This is a great idea, I have opened a ticket. I will post here when I know which version the feature will come in.

Mike Murphy
[email protected]

Thanks for the help, Mike!

No problem - It is scheduled for version 1.96 which follows an upgrade to the charting library. For now, I recommend zooming in a bit by dragging the Y axis zoom.

Mike Murphy
[email protected]