Ironbeam API Paid Support

Has anyone here paid for API support? If so, is it worth it?

@rufusa what kind of support do you need? If it is little questions here and there that you can probably get answers to online then probably not. But if you are running multiple strategies, renting server space etc. then the cost is a drop in the bucket and it is worth it.

It would probably be little questions if the documentation is sound. I just can’t fathom paying $500 per month for API support.

As far as strategy, it would be just one and it will run from an AWS EC2 instance.

Hey @rufusa,

$500/mo is for enterprise level support where entire platforms are integrated into Ironbeam, like TradingView and QuantTower.

There are lower tier support plans available. Support for the API is always paid, as we get lots of users who sign up and understand very little about programming and end up taking up quite a bit of resources on our end.

Mike Murphy
[email protected]