Getting started - credentials

I’ve been provided with the javascript examples and credentials for:

demo operator & password
URLs for TCP and Websocket demo hosts

credentials.js requires:

	operatorID : "INPUT_OPERATOR_ID",
	operatorPassword : "INPUT_OPERATOR_PASSWORD",
	username : "INPUT_USERNAME",
	account : "INPUT_ACCOUNT",
	password : "INPUT_PASSWORD",
	host : "INPUT_HOST_URL",

What should be used for username, account, password?
Which host URL should be used?


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Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out about the Ironbeam API. In this case, the username and account are the same. You should use the demo account that we provided you with for testing (starts with 513).

The password is also the same as the one we provided you with for the demo account.

If you are using the Java version, you should use the Websocket host. If you are using C# you would likely want to use the TCP host.

If you have any other questions please let us know!

Mike Murphy
[email protected]

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I am trying to get the API working. Similar questions to above user, but wanting to set credentials for my production account.

What should be entered for:
operatorPassword : “INPUT_OPERATOR_PASSWORD”,
username : “INPUT_USERNAME”,
account : “INPUT_ACCOUNT”,
password : “INPUT_PASSWORD”,
host : “INPUT_HOST_URL”,
port : 443,
version : 2.12


Hey @Matter,

Which fields are you missing? And are you trying to connect to a live, or demo account? For live, we will first need to pass you through a conformance test on your demo account.

Mike Murphy
[email protected]

Trying to connect to production account.
I will need to hit you up for my demo account and password since that is required for conformance testing.

Unsure what credentials are the Operator ones.

Fields needed:

host url