Feature Request List for Ironbeam Platform -- Most are easy

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So far, these are a few things that would make the platform a better, more user friendly experience for me, personally:

For the Quote Matrix Widget:

  1. Add column label that will show which underlying contract is associated with a quoted futures option
  2. Add abilities to “organize” our quote boards such as:
    2a. Allow us to add a “blank” row to unclutter the board,
    2b. Allow us to add a “header row” where we can type what we want, like a header row, etc.
    2c. Allow us to re-arrange the rows by clicking/dragging up and down
    2d. Allow us to re-arrange tabs by clicking/dragging left and right
  3. Create a “notes” widget, which can be as simple as a blank page where we can type whatever we want.
  4. Create the ability to quickly create an “options chain” with X number of strikes above/below the current price for Puts and/or Calls
    5 Figure out SOME additional/better way for us to update the price for which our current P/L is calculated. Fine if you keep the last closed price, but for contracts that don’t trade often, allow the user to set it up for a particular quote where it might use the current bid, ask, midpoint between the bid & ask, or where we can input whatever price we want to use
  5. Allow us to have “tabs” for the entire workspace so we can have different workspaces open at once to track different assets. One workspace doesn’t allow much room to track ONE underlying asset, let alone two, three, or more.
  6. Provide a column option in the Quote Matrix for Option Delta



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