Doji with cartoon inhancement

Doji are useful to be flagged. But as they are currently displayed, they are hard to see, no matter what color user selects.

When Doji conditions are met in the code, “Candles Unchanged”, have the unchanged price crossbar display in three line width or thickness.

Hey @name3trades,

I am not sure that I follow. Can you elaborate?

Mike Murphy
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If your Doji candles have a wick that’s 1 pixel wide, their “body” will also be 1 pixel wide. That’s too skinny of a body to be the platform for a contrasting color.

I’m simply suggesting you all make the special case of a Doji body, 3 pixels wide instead, so it will be more visible, and can better call attention to itself.

Sample from old java program code…

/* To make sure Doji bodies are prominent, let any
candles with a body less than 2 ticks tall be colored as if a Doji.
Make any such “Doji” have a minimum body of 3 or more pixels tall.

This was done for Heikin Ashi (HA) candles...


int yTop = yOpHA;
if ( HAs_B[i] >= 2d1tic ) {
if ( HAs_Cl[i] < HAs_Op[i] ) {
yBod = yClHA - yOpHA;
yTop = yOpHA;
} else
if ( HAs_Cl[i] > HAs_Op[i] ) {
yBod = yOpHA - yClHA;
yTop = yClHA;
g.setColor( cAshi ); //— green or red
g.fillRect( x0 -ihwidth -1, yTop, 2 * ihwidth +2, yBod );
//— outline body…
g.drawRect( x0 -ihwidth -1, yTop, 2 * ihwidth +2, yBod );
} else
if ( HAs_B[i] < 2
d1tic ) {
yBod = yDojiL - yDojiH;
g.setColor( cDoji ); //— yellow
g.fillRect( x0 -ihwidth -1, yDojiH, 2 * ihwidth +2, yBod );
//— outline body…
g.drawRect( x0 -ihwidth -1, yDojiH, 2 * ihwidth +2, yBod );

I hope this input is in alignment with the requested change…

I think if a black border were established for each candle then the doji would be visible regardless of candle color (see doji in image)

I hate to compare to TOS but that’s what I have so here is there settings for their system that may provide some clarity to this reply

Even without the ability for the user to set these appearance settings a black border on the candles should resolve the Doji appearance issue.

Thanks for listening.