Chat GPT for trading ideas

Has anyone had luck using chat GPT for trading ideas?

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How do you go about doing this? I tried for fun once but I kept getting the “I can’t give financial advice” message. I could not find my way around it.

I’ve used it to write pinescript on tradingview and it works like a charm

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idk about you guys but im not trusting my hard earned dollars in the hands of an AI chatbot lol

The quality of responses have gone up and down when it comes to finance topics. Best results are when you’re as abstract as possible, ideally not mentioning specific tickers or asking any kind of “advice” type questions. The more theory and accurate statistics you can include (used correctly) in your description of the situation the better. If you have access to plugins, you should use the GPT-4 with plugins model with the wolfram plugin turned on. I haven’t actually had much luck with the finance specific plugins but GPT-4 with wolfram alpha can be like an MIT attack accountant with a financial calculator when prompted well, though it’s still hit or miss.

@DisasterPlaster I would never trust my entire portfolio to it, but it has made some nice options spread placement suggestions for me, for instance, and that was before I even had wolfram access.

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