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Just getting setup with IB and thought I would request a couple of features that would be super nice:

  1. Panel Links: It would be nice to link Panels so that setting a symbol on one panel sets all linked panels to the same symbol. Also, it would be nice if this worked across all instances of the program since you have to run it multiple times for multiple monitors.

  2. Drawings: It would also be nice if linked charts using the same symbol would share drawings across them.

  3. Indicators: It would be super nice to have a way to save a set of indicators for re-use on other charts.

So far I’m liking what I am seeing.

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I think not being able to link symbols is close to a deal breaker. It’s such a basic feature. It should as a default whenever you click on a symbols on all of the charts (you want a few at different time frames), order window, etc. should all change except those which you keep different and are general market condition charts like the nasdaq.

If this change is coded you don’t need to be able to alter the default chart since it solves the problem in a different way.

I don’t see a need to have drawings get shared. Other platforms do remember all of the drawings for a chart and when you switch back and forth to different symbols it remembers the symbol-specific drawings. But, this is a lot more advanced than the system and I am not sure they would be able to code it up easily.

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Thank you all for the suggestions! We will review them for possible additions to the platform.

Mike Murphy
[email protected]

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