Chart vertical scale direction - reversible

Currently, to modify the price scale, we click and drag the scale on the right side of the chart. Dragging it upward shrinks the scale (zooms out), while dragging it downward expands the scale (zooms in).

However, I’ve noticed that this is opposite to the direction used in Tradingview, and I understand that it can be a bit disorienting for those familiar with that platform. Personally, I’ve found myself occasionally feeling a bit perplexed when switching between the two.

Therefore, I propose the implementation of an option to make the price scale adjustment reversible. This way, users who are accustomed to Tradingview’s direction can switch to a more familiar setting, making the transition between platforms smoother.

Would this be something possible?


I second this request

In both TradingView and ThinkOrSwim, Dragging downward on the price scale increases the price range of the scale thus compressing the actual chart in view. (Opposite for dragging upward).

IronBeam has the opposite result from these two major platforms.

Thanks for the consideration.


@Stockdaddy @Roadie thanks for pointing this out! Will be fixed in next release.

Mike Murphy
[email protected]