Chart Panel and Indicator defaults - as user templates?

I typically use as many as six similar charts in an array of time frames. I wish the software could remember the settings from user’s first chart, to apply to user’s next chart. The same would apply to every first indicator request, where user’s first modification of Ironbeam defaults would be remembered as new default settings. Also a template for recording user’s complete default chart would be great.

Hey @name3trades,

Welcome to the forum! You can click ‘Save & Default’ on chart settings and indicator settings. This way, whenever you open a new chart panel or window, your preferred chart settings and indicator settings are used. So I do think we cover most of what you are asking for, aside from copying the actual set of indicators to a new chart. I shared your feature request with our tech team and we’ll let you know if it’s added to the roadmap!

Mike Murphy
[email protected]

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Wonderful, thanks Mike.

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