Chart and Drawing Tool

Currently on the Ironbeam app on Mac computer, there seems to only be three drawing tools, Lines, Fan Lines, and Retracement Lines. Is that correct? If so it seems to be quite lacking.

When you draw lines, it seems to be a projection line, rather than a line with start to end. Also, holding shift or any other modifier key can’t seem to make them a horizontal line. Is there any way to do that?

After you have some drawings on the chart, I also found it difficult to delete them. You can click on the line, but you can’t delete them. To delete them you have to go to the paintbrush tool drop down menu, but when there’s more than a few lines, it’s impossible to tell which line is which so you can’t delete the right one.

Is there any way to put boxes or texts on the chart? I can’t seem to find a way to do these.

Lastly, I’ve noticed that the tick chart has some room for improvement or even some flaws too:

  1. There’s no historical data. When you open a new chart, at most it’ll only show one day’s worth of bars.
  2. When you open the chart for more than a day or so, the chart starts to displace wrong values.
  3. When you open multiple tick charts, even when they’re the same settings (bar period), the bars looks different across the charts. This may be an inherent characteristic of tick charts; I don’t know, but it would be great if they would not do that because now depending on when I open the chart, they may give me different signals.

Hey @Roadie

  1. Please amend your ‘bars to load’ setting. You can load every trade as far back as the symbol existed. It sounds like your bars to load setting is too low.
  2. Are you staying logged in the entire time? Please make sure you are regularly logging in/out, and use the desktop app if you are able.
  3. Yes, inherent to a tick chart, since they are not time based.

As for drawing tools, we plan on expanding that offering in the future.

Mike Murphy
[email protected]