Any plans for developing orderflow tools or enhancing the ability to integrate with other platforms without the use of CQG or rithmic?

Hello, Are there any plans to add the ability for other platforms to connect to the iron beam directly without using rithmic or cqg as a connection? For instance, if I wanted to connect to Quantower, I would use my Iron Beam username and password. I believe this feature will attract more users because the Iron Beam platform lacks order flow tools. If not, I think the incorporation of order flow tools will definitely bring more users to the platform. Also, I’d like to be able to withdraw via ACH; wire is $40, which is not the end of the world, but all of the other brokers have ACH withdrawals.

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I don’t think it’s the best option because it lacks orderflow tools since most brokers use it for CFD trading, which doesn’t have any orderflow. I remember testing AMP CQG on MT5 and the price charts lagged too much on ES during market open, but using CQG isn’t bad; it’s just that you have to pay an extra 0.10 per side routing fee because you’re using their connection. But if iron beam could get a direct connection, I think it would be better for iron beam overall and us since we would pay less fees.

Hey @Trader

We have begun development for a suite of order flow tools.

I will make a new post and link it here, please provide feedback if you can.

Mike Murphy
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Hey @MikeIronbeam
Hey Mike, that sounds fantastic; I’m looking forward to seeing the new suite; will they be available on the Iron Beam Trading Platform, or is it being developed as a dedicated software? I don’t mind taking a look and offering some feedback.

Interesting, I was thinking it was more of a software issue because the entire software would occasionally lag, almost as if MT5 wasn’t able to handle the tick data. Since it was designed for bucket shops, I have nothing against MT5. I’ve also dabbled in MQL4 and MQL5 before when I was trading forex, but I probably wouldn’t have used Metatrader if I had other options.

@JohnnyRy That article is very old - MT5 does not offer a direct gateway to CME that we are aware of. The only current gateway is via CQG.

Our MT5 integration is moving along but it is a big undertaking and isn’t something that happens quickly.

For those serious about algorithmic futures trading, you should consider a direct API interface like the Ironbeam API or Rithmic API.

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