Adding even a very generic "TRADING JOURNAL" widget to the platform would be very helpful!

Just as a start, a very rudimentary “Trading Journal” widget would be a great addition to the platform, and very easy to create.

You could make the widget just open something like a spreadsheet where we had to type in all of the data ourselves, if you want to put in the absolute minimum effort. Then, we could type in the date, symbols along with entry/exit prices, notes about the trade, etc.

Then, while that is up you could refine the “spread sheet widget” where it would be easy to populate cells with other data already in the platform about our trades, add in some simple analysis like profit/loss ratios, avg p/l per trade, avg time trades are open, rank p/l by underlying and/or whether straight future, options buying/selling, combination, etc.

This would be something that would not take a lot of work to add, and it would actually make your platform stand out, as no other platform really has anything like that as far as I know, which is very surprising.

Just one idea I have about the next platform iteration – I have several.