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Maximize Your Edge with Custom Applications

You can extend the power of X_TRADER Pro through the X_TRADER API. By tapping into the X_TRADER API, you can develop custom add-on applications that enhance your electronic trading strategy. Applications developed using the X_TRADER API can receive real-time prices and updates, submit orders, receive order and fill update information, manipulate orders that exist in the X_TRADER order book and more.

The X_TRADER API allows you to develop applications that:

  • Execute proprietary trading algorithms
  • Provide GUIs tailored to individual trading styles
  • Create strategies that react to market changes in real time
  • Create custom spreads and complex order types
  • Execute black-box trading models
  • Enhance decision-making capabilities
  • Integrate X_TRADER Pro with other trading systems
  • Display, manipulate and utilize inside market or full book prices
  • Manipulate and distribute back-office data


TT’s low-latency exchange gateways are second-to-none for performance and reliability. The X_TRADER API allows users to develop and deploy custom applications that leverage the advantages of the TT platform. Sophisticated applications involving single or multiple exchanges and contracts can be developed quickly and effectively using the X_TRADER API.

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When you join the TT Developer Program, you will get access to documentation, educational materials, X_TRADER API sample code and the latest development and test tools.