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QST Professional

The ultimate options trading platform; QST Professional is Quick Screen Trading’s flagship product, an all-encompassing trading platform that takes the strength of Lite & Mobile, and builds upon them. QST Professional offers an advanced trading platform for both individual investors and brokers. QST gives you the ability to trade from almost all windows including charts. It incorporates an intuitive left click = buy / right click = sell, single click trading functionality, and advanced account management features with multi-account access.

Essential Features

  • Advanced Options
    • o Fully customizable option chain not seen before. Display calls and puts side by side or above/below. Ability to display real-time calculation of the “Greeks” and 5 options calculation models: Black-Scholes, Black ’76, Barone-Adesi Whaley, Binomial, & Trinomial.
  • Charting
    • Featuring a large number of Technical Indicators with programmable parameters and over 20 different drawing tools.
  • Advanced Option Analysis
    • Displays futures contract as well as all strikes vertically, with both calls and puts arranged horizontally. Featuring two layouts to display calls and puts: side by side or above/below. Display and real-time calculation of “Greeks” and utilization of the built-in Options Calculator, which is based on all 5 models formula allows custom calculation of theoretical value, implied volatility, etc.