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QST Lite is a browser-based application. It works on any browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and other operating systems. It does not require any extra browser plugins like Flash or Java.

Essential Features

  • Fixed quote pages
    • Have one location to view all your quotes. Group contracts by commodities to compare similar products and spreads. Order placement from the quote page will assure you the fastest execution without having to navigate to an order window.
  • Option Chains
    • Right on your screen you can view all the options for a commodity. With customizable columns, no longer is the burden of finding an option on you. With the ability to place orders directly from the option chain, you’ll be able to know which option best fits your trading strategy.
  • Price Ladders
    • QST’s depth of market tool displays detailed information for a given contract, as well as giving you the bid and ask size. Directly place orders from the price ladder and see in real time where your order is.