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Pro-Mark is a premium front-end, the most advanced futures trading application available for the professional sector. It was developed to meet the needs of serious traders – those whose business is high volume, high value, cross-market, complex and intensive.
Pro-Mark is the ideal trading tool for brokers; traders in proprietary houses, investment banks and other financial institutions; as well as committed independents who want the highest levels of speed and power.
Pro-Mark makes a virtue of speed at all levels: Speed of navigation and order entry; speed of cancellation, amendment, fill receipt, throughput and handling. Pro-Mark supports a wide range of order types and strategies that includes unique and innovative tools that provide detailed market knowledge.

Essential Features

  • Reflector
    • A unique depth of market screen with single-click trading, cancelling and smart, multi-order amendment (amend multiple orders at the same level, using either a pro rata or ‘last in/first out’ function)
  • Prism Multi-leg Auto Spreading
    • Featuring intelligent ‘next generation’ multi-leg spreading, with ‘Deductive logic’ to help you place orders at the best price to execute a strategy
    • Ability to create any strategy, in any ratio, across any number of legs
    • Work two legs in the market, combine futures and options, expand legs to any asset class
  • Strategy Manager
    • Create advanced, customized strategies using Patsystems Strategy Manager
    • Supports User-Defined Spreads such as Iron Condors, Butterflies, Strangles and Straddles
    • Strategies can be traded in Patsystems multi-leg spreading tool, Prism, with up to 16 spread legs