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MarketDelta Trader

MarketDelta Trader is a powerful, easy to use desktop trading platform that can run stand alone, or connected to MarketDelta Charts to provide a seamless data & trading interface.

Essential Features

  • Live or Sim trade
    • All subscriptions come with a built in simulated trading account so you can practice trading or just test new strategies. Loaded with complete trade history for analyzing results. Utilize risk controls to give you a real world experience and see what could happen.
  • Footprint Profile
    • Create volume profiles based on Footprint data which show you the delta for each level. See acceleration, deceleration, absorption and high volume levels in a single, intuitive graphic. Apply additional studies or custom studies.
  • Volume Footprint
    • This Footprint type applies a proprietary algorithm that highlights important order flow imbalances. It does all the work for you and interprets “buy” and “sell” imbalances in real time.