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Global financial markets are increasingly interconnected, which requires sophisticated tools and information to help make informed trading decisions. Additionally, the relative value of asset classes is constantly in flux, driven by economic, geopolitical and natural events. In order to assess the historical relationships of assets, within the context of changing perceptions of relative value, market participants require robust tools and a broad array of content.
FutureSource® is a preferred global market data and analytics platform for market professionals who need to make more informed buying and selling decisions. It incorporates cutting-edge functionality and tools designed to support traders, brokers and analysts with risk management. FutureSource offers global asset class coverage, including stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, energy and commodities. And it is supported by Interactive Data’s state-of-the-art network, which can provide global exchange connectivity and a broad array of content to clients.

Essential Features

  • Charts
    • Tick and Tick Bar, Intraday, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Continuation and Chartable Expressions, Seasonal Charts, Forward Curves and Historical Implied Volatility Study with 60+ Indicators and 35 years of historical data.
  • Options
    • Customizable Options Board and OptionSource offer advanced analytics such as historical implied volatilities and skews, as well as what-if calculators for portfolio management.
  • FutureSource Trader
    • Fast and reliable order routing via an interface with Continuum’s trade order execution system; provides order routing connectivity with multiple clearing firms and exchanges, including multiple accounts functionality.
  • Mobile Products
    • Companion mobile applications available on the iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry for anytime, anywhere access without duplicate exchange fees.