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AgenaTrader Andromeda

AAgenaTrader Andromeda supports all features of AgenaTrader Basic and comes with all extended features for semi- / fully automated trading, as well as the famous ++ (PlusPlus) functions. If you like the program ability of AgenaTrader Basic, but don’t have the coding history to use it, AgenaTrader closes the gap between you and the platform.
AgenaTrader supports semi- as well as fully automated trade management. Using the SetupEscort, you can create a completely automated trade management protocol for the system to follow, or you can create a semi-automated trade management strategy that will alert you and wait for your approval before ever placing a trade.

Essential Features

All of AgenaBasic, plus:

  • All instruments & mappings at hand
    • You no longer have to search for specific instruments or mappings. AgenaTrader has an enormous database and predefined mappings for all instrument types for various data vendors and brokers. This feature will save you a huge amount of your valuable time.
  • ListChart / TabChart Groups
    • The LCGs and TCGs will help you to keep an eye on the markets. A list chart group is a chart container that includes a real-time scanner and a charting area. Within this charting area you can select 1-4 charts with different time frames linked to the scanner list. A Tab Chart Group is a chart container that simultaneously opens multiple charts for various instruments and shows the symbols for instruments in the bottom tab bar. This feature enables you to efficiently build short lists or to track signals from 1000s of symbols – you no longer need to subscribe to external signal services.
  • NinjaTrader import
    • Don’t be afraid to switch to more advanced software. AgenaTrader Andromeda is able to import most of your valuable NinjaTrader indicators. This feature is a huge advantage for traders with higher demands.