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Institutional Trader


Ironbeam works with a number of CTAs, funds and other high volume traders with a large amount of capital and leverage. We strive to provide our institutional clients with the highest level of reliability and speed while keeping transaction costs minimal. We give you direct market access to major global exchanges and provide full back office management. Ironbeam also provides its institutional clients with the technology they need to place trades manually from anywhere in the world, as well as the ability to set up complex contingency trades executed automatically by Firetip, our proprietary trading platform.

Additionally, Ironbeam supplies you with education and research tools to make sure you’re at the top of your game.


  • Full API Access Develop your own front end system to place trades, while connecting to our back end execution services. Our API gives you the full functionality of our trading tools, while allowing you to design the platform you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Bracket Strategy Orders We offer institutional clients the ability to custom design their trading strategies by setting up contingency based orders to execute instantaneously as soon as their conditions are met.
  • Well Rounded Trading Platform Ironbeam brings you a leading trading platform with unlimited access to:
    – Charts
    – Quotes
    – Custom Indicators
    – Depth of Market 10 levels deep
    – DMA
    – Advanced Order Types
    – Risk Management
    – Trading Dashboard
    – One-Click Trading
  • Global Trading Ironbeam is dedicated to offering our clients the ability to trade the top global exchanges with nearly instantaneous direct market access to all the exchanges we provide.
  • Custom Indicators Our trading platform gives our institutional clients the ability to create your own indicators by editing the indicators we provide, or completely designing your own algorithms. Define the way you track the markets by drilling down with custom indicators in Firetip.
  • Clearing Services Ironbeam brings you tailored clearing and back office execution services allowing you to gain more control over the way you do business.