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Exchange Proximity Hosting

ex hosting

For algorithmic, high-frequency, or low-latency traders, server colocation at IRONBEAM’s datacenters will provide you with an ultra-low latency solution. We offer colocation at the datacenters that house the exchange matching engines. Each datacenter is equipped with multiple redundant exchange connections and the entire infrastructure is built-out to N+1 resiliency or better. Our network capacity typically operates at 10% or less during peak market conditions. Spikes in trading volume or sudden bursts of market data do not slow down or hinder our environments.

IRONBEAM can offer a turnkey solution of leasing you a server (and even going as far as fully configuring it for you) or IRONBEAM can accept your own private server and offering hosting services only.

IRONBEAM does NOT require access to your server. While you may wish to give us access to your server in the event during initial start-up or post-installation (if you need technical assistance), this is not a requirement. You should only work with a solution provider like IRONBEAM that enables you to fully protect your intellectual property and trading algorithms.