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Data & Trading

low image Low Latency Data and Trading

In low latency networks simplicity reins supreme. IRONBEAM segregates its market data and trading network from all other network systems. Unlike traditional providers that plug you into a “core” or onto a switch that is daisy chained to their core router, IRONBEAM plugs you into a switch that is directly connected to the exchange matching engine. We physically separate the trading and market data network traffic from all other traffic to provide you with the best latency metrics.

It is not only building simple networks. While simple is fast and elegant, it is costly. We cannot reap the cost benefit of aggregating hundreds of customers on a single exchange connection. We also source the lowest latency layer 3 switching gear in the industry. We currently deploy Arista 7124SX which are rated as the lowest latency switches in the world. By some measurements, bypassing a core router and not being daisy chained behind other switches can save you up to 1 millisecond. That is 1,000 microseconds or 2000x the latency of the port-to-port speed of our environment. We are specialists in this market space with port-to-port latency of less than 500 nanoseconds (that is 0.5 microseconds or 0.0005 milliseconds).