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High Frequency Performance


IRONBEAM runs a 24×7 fully staffed Network Operations Center. IRONBEAM does not outsource its NOC. We are high performance based and driven. We not only monitor network resiliency and connectivity, but also the latency between all of our exchange paths. If you are trading a spread on two different exchanges you need assurance that not only is your connection up, but what the latency times are. The smallest increase in latency can mean the difference from making winning trades or missing/losing on trades.

We fully disclose our latency numbers and network infrastructure so you are fully informed on IRONBEAM’s competitive advantages. IRONBEAM takes high performance metrics a step further by analyzing trading messages to the exchange and offering our customers insight into how they better improve their trading operations and algorithms. Not all exchange connections are equal, there are subtle differences and empirically we can assist you in obtaining the high performance your algorithms demand.