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CME Group’s Volume Increases

CME Group, the world’s largest derivatives exchange, posted an average daily volume of 15.9 million contracts in August 2018, up 18% from the prior month. Open interest increased by 13% since year-end 2017. See below for some highlights of volume increases vs. August of 2017.


Interest Rate Volume:

-Averaged 8.6 million contracts per day in August, up 11% from August 2017.

-U.S. Treasury futures & options ADV grew 18%

-Eurodollar options ADV increased 4%

-Ultra U.S. Treasury Bond futures & options ADV rose 31%

-Ultra 10-Year U.S. Treasury Note futures &  options ADV increased 44%

-Fed Fund futures ADV rose 18%


Forex Volume:

-British Pound futures & options ADV increased by 11%

-Australian dollar futures & options ADV grew 17%

-Mexican Peso futures & options ADV increased 65%


Agricultural Volume:

-Wheat futures & options ADV rose 28%

-Livestock futures ADV grew 15%

-Lean Hog futures & options ADV increased by 31%


Metals Volume:

-Copper futures & options ADV rose 16%

-Gold options ADV grew 29%


Equity Index Volume:

-E-mini NASDAQ 100 futures ADV grew 1%

-E-mini Dow futures & options increased 5%

-E-mini S&P 500 Wednesday Weekly futures & options ADV increased 7%

-E-mini S&P 500 Monday Weekly futures & options rose 11%

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